Alpha Taxis, cab company

Creation of an exclusive painting for Alpha Taxis, #2 taxi company in Paris. The painting showcases their new logo : a yellow sun in space illustrating their new satellite GPS system. The canvas is reproduced on a large format and beautifies the headquarter offices. It is shown on a short term architecture project and in their newsletter.


Gilles BOULIN, Associate Director of Alpha Taxis 

« We’d just changed our logo and were very proud of our new visual. The painting showcased this perfectly. The taxi industry suffers from an old-fashioned image, but we shook things up by creating an artwork – it’s not what you expect to see at the head office of a taxi company. »

Ramiz JANJEVALI, Associate Director of Alpha Taxis 

« The painting has pride of place above my desk and always attracts visitors’ attention, sparking conversation and helping to break the ice. When I did an interview for France 3, I used it as the centrepiece to explain our activity and this simplified the task. I answered the journalist’s questions with the painting in the background – it’s not advertising, but it appears in the background as an artistic representation of Alpha Taxis.”

Emmanuelle FREZZA, Communications Director 

« The virtual world is everywhere we look nowadays, so it is particularly refreshing to come back to pictoral art. It’s actually quite logical to create an artwork from a company logo – after all, the businessman has shown entrepreneurial creativity and this is the artist’s tribute to that fact. »

Lionel Besnier , driver for Alpha Taxis 

“It’s like a Picasso painting, which reminds me of the Citroen Picasso I drive every day! »

Acrylic on canvas – 60 x 60 cm – Isabelle Delacre – All rights reserved