Creation of the scale symbol and staging on a customised work of art. The objective is to stage the profession of lawyer with its values. “I was voiceless when I saw your painting. As if I rediscovered my job summarised in a picture; better: as if you had drawn my perception of the job!”

Customer review

Jocelyne Dulac – Lawyer

“From the moment I saw your painting, I was speechless. It was as if I was seeing my job represented as an image… no, better – as if you had drawn my own perception of being a lawyer!

Let me explain how I read the painting: a perfect reflection of my profession and my values.

In order to defend one’s clients, a lawyer must not only know legal texts and procedures, but also be able to use them with discernment and strategy.

During a litigation, a lawyer can open up discussions in order to begin or conclude a transaction, apply a certain mind-set, and see the situation from another angle, in order to understand the other side and come to an agreement.

The lawyer plays a balancing role between rigor and humanity, between the law and strategy, between written texts and spoken pleas, in order to defend the rights of all. This requires great commitment and energy. It is a passion.

Isabelle knew how to translate all of this into the painting, thanks to her visual sense, from the composition through to the choice of colours. Thank you. »

Acrylic on canvas – Isabelle Delacre – All rights reserved