Finance solutions business

Creation of a logotype and of an exclusive art work for Finance Solution Business specialised in corporate finance. The logo illustrates the human dimension of client relationship and the painting with the towers illustrates the business world. The original art work personalises the executive office and customises the company website and editing supports.


Jean-Luc Bertrand, Director 

« I wanted to design a new visual identity for my financial consultancy business. Looking at the wide range of offers on the market, I was immediately struck by the original approach offered by Isabelle Delacre.

After the design of my logo, the next steps of presenting my business’ values and incorporating my world of work into a unique artwork were completely new to me.

How could Isabelle design and paint an artwork to represent the intellectual services I offer, my abstract world, and transform them into a communications tool?

I was thrilled by the new experience and even more by the results. I can now use this artwork to personalise printed and digital media for my business.

As a keen promoter of new and innovative businesses, I am happy to recommend Isabelle Delacre’s expertise.”

Creation of the logotype and of the painting – Acrylic on canvas – 60 x 60 cm – Isabelle Delacre – All rights reserved